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Programa ciudades sostenibles

Programa de Ciudades Sostenibles (SCP), 1990 - 2000: Una Década de las Naciones Unidas de Apoyo para la gestión participativa en el desarrollo urbano

The sustainable cities programme (SCP) is a practical response to the universe search for sustainable development. The SCP focused primarily on capacity building in urban environmental panning and management.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT. PNUMA

Ciudades Sostenibles y Gobernabilidad Local (SCP)

 The urban environment and local governance has been accorded unparalleled attention in the recent international debate on development. UNCED, the 1992 Earth Summit, will be remembered as the conference in which the world acknowledged the importance of the environment for social and economic development. UNCED also recognised the potential of the SCP as a vehicle for implementing Agenda 21 at the city level, and recommended strengthening its role in this regard.

Aplicación del Programa Ciudades Sostenibles (CPS) a nivel urbano y nacional.

 Implementation and Replication of SCP process at city and national level
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT. PNUMA

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