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Gestión urbana

Estado de las ciudades del mundo 2010/20111: Ciudades para todos, superación de la división urbana.

"The world's urban population now exceeds the world's rural population. What does this mean for the state of our cities, given the strain this global demographic shift is placing upon current urban infrastructure?
Following on from previous State of the World's Cities reports, this edition uses the framework of 'The Urban Divide' to analyse the complex social, political, economic and cultural dynamics of urban environments. "
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Informe Mundial sobre Asentamientos Humanos 2009: Planificación de Ciudades Sostenibles

Autores - Colaboradores: 

UNHABITAT. Earthscan

Planning Sustainable Cities reviews recent urban planning practices and approaches, discusses constraints and conflicts therein, and identifies innovative approaches that are more responsive to current challenges of urbanization.

Gestión de residuos sólidos en las ciudades del mundo: Agua y Saneamiento en las Ciudades del Mundo 2010

In a rapidly urbanizing global society, solid waste management will be a key challenge facing all the world's cities. This publication provides a fresh perspective and new data on one of the biggest issues in urban development. Using the framework of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management, the report presents unprecedented research from 22 cities across six continents. It describes the rich diversity of waste management systems used throughout the world drawing out the practical lessons for policymakers.

Guía de formación sobre la planificación y gestión ambiental urbana (EPM).

Introductory Training Materials On The Urban Environmental Planning And Management (EPM) Process - Trainers Guide
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Ciudades Sostenibles y Gobernabilidad Local (SCP)

 The urban environment and local governance has been accorded unparalleled attention in the recent international debate on development. UNCED, the 1992 Earth Summit, will be remembered as the conference in which the world acknowledged the importance of the environment for social and economic development. UNCED also recognised the potential of the SCP as a vehicle for implementing Agenda 21 at the city level, and recommended strengthening its role in this regard.

Aplicación del Programa Ciudades Sostenibles (CPS) a nivel urbano y nacional.

 Implementation and Replication of SCP process at city and national level
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT. PNUMA

Planificación y Gestión Ambiental. Implementación del Programa de Medio Ambiente Urbano. (Índice Vol.1)

This is the first of a series of three volumes of Source Books on Environmental Planning and Management (EPM). Volume 1, "Implementing the Urban Environment Agenda" is a carefully designed, user-friendly guide on how to carry out each stage in the process of developing urban environmental priorities, strategies and action plans. Based on the experiences of more than 450 city practitioners and partners from more than 75 cities and 20 international support programmes, the book is illustrated with examples of city practices drawn from almost 50 specially-commissioned case studies.

Planificación y Gestión ambiental: Ciudad de la experiencia y el apoyo internacional. (Vol.2)

This is one of the products of the City Summit and its development was stimulated and accelerated by the special spirit of cooperation and partnership generated by Habitat II. It illustrates the impressive range of initiatives and actions with which cities all over the world, together with their partners in international support programmes, have been improving the practice of environmental planning and management.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT. PNUMA

Lugar, Papel y perspectivas de Urbanismo como instrumento de desarrollo urbano sostenible y la gestión de proceder (LA)

An international conference on “Reappraising the Urban Planning Process as an instrument for Sustainable Development and Management” held at the UN offices in Gigiri in October 1994.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Aplicacion del Programa 21

Aplicación del programa 21
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

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