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Ciudades para ciudadanos. Mejorando la gobernanza metropolitana

"In OECD countries, metropolitan areas often enjoy above-average rates of growth; they compete for foreign direct investment, have a leading position in the knowledge-based economy, and attract a disproportionately large share of immigrants. Yet they also are burdened with many problems including congestion, and the renewal of infrastructure, the spread of distressed urban areas. Better strategies for the development of metropolitan areas are vital if their rate of economic growth is to remain strong, but the governance structures currently in place are often outdated and ill-adapted to the tasks they face, especially given the sprawl of many metropolitan cities across many jurisdictions.
Drawing on the lessons from successful and unsuccessful attempts at the reform of metropolitan governance, this book identifies ways by which central and metropolitan governments can work better to optimise the potential of each urban region."
Organismo promotor:OECD