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Políticas para mejorar el entorno físico urbano para la competitividad: Una nueva asociación entre los sectores público y privado 

Autores - Colaboradores: 

Tetsuya Shimomura, Tadashi Matsumoto

Globalisation and subsequent competition among cities have triggered a profound change in the mode of the governance of cities. It is often described as a shift from a managerial mode of governance, which had been primarily concerned with provision of social welfare services and control of private activities, to that of entrepreneurialism, strongly characterised by a pro-economic growth strategic approach. Subsequently, attractiveness has been increasingly regarded as a key factor for urban policies, since attractive cities are competitive and able to attract newly-emerging businesses and highly-skilled workforces that are the driving force in the global economy. Today, enhancing urban attractiveness is high on the agenda of urban policy in many OECD countries.
Organismo promotor:OECD