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Ciudades y Cambio Climático. Lecciones iniciales de ONU-Hábitat para ciudades en países en desarrollo.

UN-HABITAT is supporting cities in developing countries to address climate change. A component of the Sustainable Urban Development Network (SUD-Net), the Cities in Climate Change Initiative (CCCI), builds on UN-HABITAT’s long experience in sustainable urban development, specifically through the Sustainable Cities rogramme and Localizing Agenda 21 Programme.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Transporte para áreas urbanas y rurales

This publication is based on the report submitted to the fifth session of the Commission on Human Settlements in 1992.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Futuro de las Ciudades (LA)

The Future of Cities was one of the five key parallel events held during the Nineteenth Session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council held 5-9 May 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of the parallel event was to explore and discuss how cities are likely to develop in the 21st century, in terms of their form and function and taking into consideration, past current and anticipated future trends.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Libro verde del medio ambiente urbano

This green paper have two chapters: The future of the urban environment and Towards a community strategy for the urban environment. This  green paper is entended as the first step towards debate and reflection, and attemps to identify possible lines of action.
Organismo promotor:COMISIÓN EUROPEA

Ciudades competitivas y Cambio Climático

Autores - Colaboradores: 

Lamia Kamal-Chaoui. Alexis Robert

This report on Competitive Cities and Climate Change presents findings on the impact of metropolitan regions on climate change. It illustrates how local involvement through climate-conscious urban planning and management can help achieve national climate goals and minimise tradeoffs between environmental and economic priorities. The report analyses policy tools that city and regional governments can deploy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to potential climate change impacts, including the greening of existing fiscal policies and new financing arrangements.

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