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Manual y herramientas para la gestión calidad de aire de las ciudades

An effective environmental planning  and management process will help decision makers to formulate and implement realistic and effective strategies and action plans to improve air quality. These strategies and action plans have to sistematically address the short and long-term causes of urban air pollution and help the city to achieve a sustainable growth pattern.

Post Tsunami Aceh-Nias Settlement and Housing Recovery Review

In mid 2007, the BRR Housing Deputy asked UN-HABITAT to document the post-Tsunami housing reconstruction programme in Aceh and Nias. The resulting book aims to be a resource for future evaluations and policy making. The evaluation focuses on two key questions: what were the success factors in achieving housing recovery in the particular context of the reconstruction in Aceh and Nias; and what can be learned about the role of government and civil society in order to achieve successful housing recovery in the future.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

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