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Ordenación del territorio

Ciudades competitivas: un nuevo paradigma de empresa en el desarrollo espacial

Economic globalisation and the subsequent intensification of inter-city competition have profoundly changed urban governance. This is particularly evident in the field of urban spatial development. The change is often described as a shift from a managerial mode of governance to a more entrepreneurial mode, strongly characterised by risk-taking, innovation, a strong orientation toward the private sector and a strategic approach which focuses on economic growth.

Hacia un uso del suelo urbano más sostenible: Consejo de la Comisión Europea para las políticas y acciones

Autores - Colaboradores: 

Grupo de Expertos sobre el medio ambiente urbano

This paper offers recommendations adderessed to European Commision about sustainable urban policy. Although these recommendations are addressed to Commision, they are also intented to have resonance for national goverments and for local and regional authorities and to facilitate action by them.
Organismo promotor:COMISIÓN EUROPEA

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