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Guía de Financiación Municipal.

Autores - Colaboradores: 

Enid Slack

This Guide to Municipal Finance describes the current issues in municipal finance and the ways in which local governments finance services and infrastructure. It sets out a basic economic framework that is used to evaluate the different aspects of municipal finance and that can be used by readers to evaluate other options. The Guide emphasizes that responsible, accountable, and efficient local governments need to raise their own revenues as much possible, adhere to an open and visible municipal budgetary process, and engage in transparent and prudent financial management.

Guía de formación sobre la planificación y gestión ambiental urbana (EPM).

Introductory Training Materials On The Urban Environmental Planning And Management (EPM) Process - Trainers Guide
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT

Marco de actuación para un desarrollo urbano sostenible en la Unión Europea

El Marco de Actuación de la UE para un desarrollo urbano sostenible va dirigido a coordinar y mejorar la intervención comunitaria en los problemas urbanos y se organiza en cuatro objetivos de actuación independientes: Acrecentar la prosperidad económicas y el empleo de pequeñas y grandes ciudades. Fomentar la igualdad, la integración socialy la regeneración de las zonas urbanas. Proteger y mejorar el medio ambiente urbano. Contribuir a un buen gobierno urbano y la participación ciudadana.
Organismo promotor:COMISIÓN EUROPEA

ANEXO. Marco de actuación para un desarrollo urbano sostenible en la Unión Europea

Retos que se plantean a las ciudades europeas
Organismo promotor:COMISIÓN EUROPEA

Hacia una agenda urbana en la Unión Europea

This communication examines possibilities for improving urban development and for increasing the effectiveness of existing Community intervention in urban areas. It is structured into four parts. The first part sets out the key challenges wich affect all cities to a greater or lesser degree. The second part takes stock of existing EU  policies wich hace an impact on cites. The third part proposes some directions for future actions and the approach wich urban policy in Europe could take as a starting point for debate. Finally, fourth part proposes a folllow-up of this communication.

Hacia un uso del suelo urbano más sostenible: Consejo de la Comisión Europea para las políticas y acciones

Autores - Colaboradores: 

Grupo de Expertos sobre el medio ambiente urbano

This paper offers recommendations adderessed to European Commision about sustainable urban policy. Although these recommendations are addressed to Commision, they are also intented to have resonance for national goverments and for local and regional authorities and to facilitate action by them.
Organismo promotor:COMISIÓN EUROPEA

Una guia para reorientar el planeamiento urbano hacia la Agenda 21

Autores - Colaboradores: 


The quality of living condicitions and wellbeing of city dwellers is a central goal of urban policy. Urban plannig plays a critical role in reducing the levels of pollution and increasing the quality of life on cities. This document provides a guide to reorienting urban planning towards the principles of local Agenda 21 through a process with 21 steps , divided into six main stages. Each stage is illustraded by examples of current European activity that can act as models to shape future practice.

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