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Gestión ambiental urbana

Planificación y Gestión Ambiental. Implementación del Programa de Medio Ambiente Urbano. (Índice Vol.1)

This is the first of a series of three volumes of Source Books on Environmental Planning and Management (EPM). Volume 1, "Implementing the Urban Environment Agenda" is a carefully designed, user-friendly guide on how to carry out each stage in the process of developing urban environmental priorities, strategies and action plans. Based on the experiences of more than 450 city practitioners and partners from more than 75 cities and 20 international support programmes, the book is illustrated with examples of city practices drawn from almost 50 specially-commissioned case studies.

Planificación y Gestión ambiental: Ciudad de la experiencia y el apoyo internacional. (Vol.2)

This is one of the products of the City Summit and its development was stimulated and accelerated by the special spirit of cooperation and partnership generated by Habitat II. It illustrates the impressive range of initiatives and actions with which cities all over the world, together with their partners in international support programmes, have been improving the practice of environmental planning and management.
Organismo promotor:UNHABITAT. PNUMA

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